All Saints’ Church, Totley

Welcome to the All Saints’ Totley web-site. We hope you find it valuable.

All Saints’ Church is a local church, serving the area of Totley, in the S17 district of Sheffield. We are a community of people who want to encourage one another to be authentic followers of Jesus Christ wherever we are throughout the week. We work hard at seeking to embrace the various age groups, and to provide Sunday worship that visitors can readily understand. Groups meet weekly in homes around the parish; this is where relationships can be built up and issues about what it means to be a Christian today can be discussed and worked out. You would be most welcome to join us for worship on a Sunday or to visit one of these groups.
After you have explored this website, you may wish to spend a few quiet moments with the Lord. Here is a prayer you could use:

Lord, thank you for all that is good, wholesome and satisfying in my life.
Lord, thank you for those who have expressed love or kindness to me in the last few days. Please help me to Know you more clearlyLove you more dearlyAnd follow you more nearly.This I ask in Jesus’ name.