Small Groups

All Saints’ Church, Totley At present several of these groups meet weekly in different homes in the parish. There is also a group for young mums, and a Men’s Group which meets fortnightly.

What are they?

They are not groups that require lots of Bible knowledge, or even a long history of coming to church.

The are places where members work at building relationships with each other, and with Jesus, in a relaxed way.

They are places where we try and work at what it really means to follow Jesus all the time. In short, they are places where we are working out what it means to be church in the small setting, as well as the bigger one.

They are the structure for providing pastoral care, mutual encouragement and discipleship within the church.

When do they meet?

On various weekdays, during the day and in the evening.

How are they organised?

At present there are three group co-ordinators, responsible for encouraging and overseeing the life of three of the groups each.

How can I find out more?

  • Contact one of the co-ordinators, Ann (3272443) or Jane (2368566), who will be pleased to tell you more, and point you in the direction of a group to join.
  • Talk to any members of the groups after one of our services. If you have wondered about these groups, why not take the opportunity now of joining one for yourself?