Church School

At All Saints, we are truly blessed to be part of an exceptional educational community in Totley. Both Totley Primary School and Totley All Saints School (TASS) are rated as "Outstanding" institutions, providing our children with an excellent start in life.

We are delighted to work closely with both schools, taking assemblies and hosting services for both. We also take immense pride in our particularly close partnership with Totley All Saints School. This Church of England primary school not only offers a top-notch academic curriculum but also nurtures them in a caring, Christian ethos from an early age.

Our History

TASS and the Church share a rich, intertwined history that spans over a hundred years. Our two institutions have walked hand-in-hand, supporting each other’s growth and nurturing generations of young minds and souls. This deep-rooted connection ensures a seamless transition for families between our church and the school community.

One of the hallmarks of TASS is its intimate, one-form entry setup. This approach allows for personalised attention and a nurturing environment where every child can thrive academically, socially, and spiritually. As a church, we are incredibly proud to be associated with an institution that values each student’s unique potential.


TASS’s admissions policy reflects the importance placed on their Christian values. As a result families willing to invest time to gain a deeper understanding of the school’s ethos and the get to know church are given a priority in the admissions process. It is important to note that this is open to all who are willing to attend All Saints for a year – not just those who choose to share our faith. 

We firmly believe that this partnership between church and school creates a strong foundation for lifelong learning, personal growth, and a deep-rooted sense of community. 

Our prayer for the children of Totley is that their schools are equipping them to navigate the world with wisdom, compassion, and a strong moral compass.