Pentecost – 31st May 2020

Good Morning everyone and welcome to All Saints this morning. Today is Pentecost Sunday, the time when we remember and celebrate the arrival of the promised Holy Spirit who descended on the disciples in Jerusalem and urged them out of the upper room where they were hiding into the streets to declare the story of God.

Alive Gang – The Wise and Foolish Builders (31st May 2020)

Last week we learnt about what Jesus had to say about praying. Jesus gave us this example of prayer when he was telling people about God at a time we call ‘the Sermon on the Mount’. After he spoke about prayer, he then told a story or parable about two people who were building a house. A parable is a story which has a deeper meaning and helps people think about things in a new or different way. Let’s find out more.

Easter 7 – 24th May 2020

Welcome to our service today, whether you are a regular at All Saints, whether you have started to join us in our online services or whether this is your first time – welcome.

Alive Gang – The Lord’s Prayer (24th May 2020)

Last week we learnt about how Peter was put in prison and how his friends’ prayers were answered in a miraculous way. This week we are going to continue to think about the importance of prayer by looking at what Jesus had to say about praying.

Easter 6 – 17th May 2020

Good Morning and welcome to this our 9th act of virtual joint Worship. As the lockdown continues all be it in a slightly modified way, we have set aside time in which to show the deep respect, reverence and honour we have for the Lord. What the Old Testament calls our fear of the Lord.

Alive Gang – Peter Escapes (17th May 2020)

Today’s session explores the story of when Peter was arrested by Herod and put in prison. His friends prayed earnestly for him and their prayers were answered in a miraculous way.