A Message from the Wardens – 28th January 2022

Dear Friends, Thank you everyone who signed up to do a reading or lead prayer last week. Our service on Sunday will be Morning Praise. The readings : 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 and Luke 2:22-40. Although the government has removed Covid restrictions this week, we will still be asking people to wear face coverings in church whilst numbers of people with the virus are still high. On Thursday a group of us met in the church lounge to think about Diversity and Inclusion and to try and recognise where people might not feel that the church is somewhere they feel welcome, even though we think of ourselves as being a welcoming church at All Saints. Our young people had already had a session looking at this and come up with plenty of ideas. This week in their group they will be trying to suggest some answers. If you were unable to come on Thursday but would be interested in joining the discussion please speak to Liz Hardie who would be willing to run another session. Please continue to pray for members of the Graft team. On Saturday morning, 5th February, it will be their turn to share their Hopes and Dreams as they spend the morning in our church building and have the opportunity to look at the poster with our Hopes and Dreams. If you haven’t already put your contribution on the board you can still do it on Sunday. Every blessing, Ann & James