Commitment Sunday

Dear Member of All Saints,

It is several years since we reviewed our giving as a church and held a Commitment Service where we have the opportunity to pledge our giving for the year ahead, having had time to think and pray about it. As we come to the end of the Generous Giving series of sermons and discussion material we are very conscious that people at All Saints are already giving generously in many ways of their money and time. We are all aware of the many needs both at home and in so many parts of the world.

Over the years we have experienced God’s generosity and faithfulness. We are excited to be in a time of change and new opportunities as we prepare for the graft next year. One of the implications is that we will be increasing our contribution to the Diocesan Common Fund, a large part of which provides clergy stipends.

In trying to decide how much of our giving should be to All Saints, we thought it would be helpful to remind you of the other outgoings:

  • Children and Young People’s work
  • Training and teaching resources`
  • Mission, outreach, speakers
  • Buildings and grounds maintenance and cleaning
  • Utilities – heating, lighting, water rates
  • Upkeep of services
  • Charitable Gifts 

Everyone’s situation is different but we would encourage you to set aside some time to pray and ask God what he wants you to give to the work of All Saints in the year ahead.

We have enclosed a response form for you to fill in and bring to the Commitment Sunday service on 31st October. If you are unable to be there, please bring it the following week or drop it through our letter box.

With every blessing and our thanks for your fellowship in the life of All Saints.

James & Ann