A Message from the Wardens – 30th July 2021

Dear Friends,  

Just a short newsletter this week.

First of all 2 requests for help. As mentioned in last week’s letter there will be a baptism service at 11.30 on Sunday. We need to remove all the social distancing barriers and wipe down High Contact points after the 10am service. (The social distancing barriers will be put back before the following Sunday’s service). If 2or 3 people could stay to help it would speed things up and be much appreciated. Please pray for baby Arlo Blue and his family and friends and for Ali as she conducts the service.

We are planning to open the hall for regular bookings at the beginning of September. To comply with regulations we need to check that each group using the hall has left it ready for use by the next group. They will have agreed what they need to do as part of the booking contract. If you could be part of a team doing this, please speak to Beth or Ann. If we have enough volunteers it won’t be too onerous for any one person.

Dorothy has sent a couple of things to pass on:

 CSW asked us to write to companies asking them to stop using cotton from the Uyghur region, CSW has joined a coalition and more and more companies and governments are working together to try to end forced labour in China. It has become an international campaign. We can make a difference.

 Following on from our 6 week course on the environment –  

Totley Co-op now have a clean soft plastic recycling bin just inside the door on the right. Soft plastic items are bread bags, crisp packets, vegetable bags, pasta bags, carrier bags. There are more details about this on the Co-op website.


A couple of people have also recommended a zero waste and plastic free refill store in Dronfield. It is on the road between Aldi and the Sainsbury’s garage and closes at 3 o’clock, as I discovered at 3.10 last week! More details on their website:



On Wednesday 4th August Ed’s small group is meeting at 7.15 outside church to go for a local walk and would welcome anyone who would like to join in. He will tailor the walk to the group of people who are there on the evening.


The newsletter will be taking a break during August.


With love to everyone,

Ann & James