A Message from the Wardens – 2nd July 2021

Dear Friends,

Having celebrated our Thanksgiving Gift Day last Sunday, an email from Thy Kingdom Come arrived the next day to say that Sunday 4th July is National Thank You Day in the UK!

National Thank You Day

July 4th is National #ThankYou Day in the UK.

We all have someone to say thank you to this year, especially in these challenging times and July 4th presents the perfect opportunity to say thank you to all those who have helped us through the pandemic.

Having a special day to give thanks to people who have carried a heavy load during the pandemic is good, but showing appreciation a regular basis is something we can all do. On occasions when we have made a special effort to thank someone or shown appreciation for what they have done we have been surprised at their reaction. It seems as if a lot of people receive little recognition for their efforts but plenty of complaints if things go wrong.

We don’t yet have the full details of the gifts given last week but £1,004 was given in envelopes on the day, there were notes saying that £1,400 had been given as BACS transfers and we do not know if there were BACS payments from people who were not able to be in church that day. There will also be gift aid to add to some gifts. Thank you!

Vivien has asked us to let you know about something called a Guppyfriend Bag! One of the things we heard about during the series on Saying Yes to Life was the damage done by washing synthetic fabrics which shed micro plastics into the environment. The RSPB sell these bags and the link below gives more details.

Vivien has also sent the link for Ann Hinchliffe’s funeral service on Tuesday at 12.30. Ann was a member of Totley Rise Methodist Church, a lovely lady whose faith and love impacted many people over the years. [details here]

It’s good to know that Totley Open Gardens is able to go ahead this year on the 10thand 11th July. The Wrigglesworth family will be opening their garden so please support them if you can.

Coffee and Chat, from 11.15 using the usual details. If you need a copy of these, please contact the Wardens.

Yesterday evening we attended the Visitation Service of the Archdeacon at the Cathedral. This is the annual service where Churchwardens are sworn in to their roles. We were spread out, socially distanced, unable to sing and unable to have friends and supporters with us BUT in spite of that, or perhaps because of it, it was a meaningful service. The words of the final blessing reminded us that God who called us is faithful. That is an encouragement for all of us as a church family.

With love from

Ann & James