A Message from the Wardens – 4th June 2021

Dear Friends,What a glorious week it has been and what a beautiful part of the world we are privileged to live in! On Sunday we will be celebrating Climate Sunday and hope that towards the end of the service we will be able to be outside. Here are the words of the Act of Commitment we will be using:

Lord of life and giver of hope,
we pledge ourselves to care for creation,

to reduce our waste,
to live sustainably,
and to value the rich diversity of life.

May your wisdom guide us,
that life in all its forms may flourish,
and may be faithful in voicing creation’s praise.

May the commitment we have made this day be matched by our faithful living.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

News from Ali

Next week, I am moving from my current team at Irwin Mitchell, to a new one. I will still be doing IT Project Management but going forward this will be for a smaller number of larger projects rather than larger numbers of smaller projects. This may mean I might occasionally miss a Sunday due to the odd IT implementation, but this will always be planned well in advance. I am looking forward to the new challenge but feeling slightly apprehensive, about leaving a team that I care about and having to start/ build new relationships. Please do pray for me in this move, especially that I will continue to build good relationships with those around me and my project teams and also that my eyes will be open to see where God is working and join in.

Coffee and Chat at 11.15, details as usual available from the Wardens.

With love from Ann & James