A Message from the Wardens – 11th March 2021

Dear Friends,

We don’t have many messages to pass on this week but there is plenty going on.

From Arise Sheffield we hear that 1250km (almost 800 miles) have been walked by people praying for Sheffield. Those are the ones recorded so we are sure there will be even more.

For the rest of this week we are asked to pray for peace for the people whose homes we pass – the peace that can only be found in Jesus.

This weekend some of us will be out and about delivering daffodils to mark Mothering Sunday. There will be two bunches for each home- one to keep and one to give away to a friend or neighbour.

At the PCC meeting on Monday it was agreed that we should continue to hold our worship services online for the time being and review the situation again next month. Again our thanks go to the team who are working so hard to prepare and record the services for us. We are grateful for their skill and commitment.

Coffee and Chat details for Sunday from 11 o’clock as normal. Please join us if you can. It’s a good chance to catch up with each other.

With love from James & Ann

Love from Ann & James