A Message from the Wardens – 12th November 2020

Dear Friends, As with so many things, our Remembrance Service was very different this year because of lockdown. Live streaming was a new experience and we are grateful to Chris for managing the technology and Ali for meeting the challenges of leading a meaningful service whilst facing rows of empty chairs!

The wreath was laid at the War Memorial before the service and other groups laid their wreaths individually at different times.

On Wednesday morning we watched the service from Westminster Abbey marking the 100th anniversary of the burial of the Unknown Warrior. It brought home the awfulness of life on the battlefields in France and the grief of so many families. Watching the ceremony conducted under current restrictions, everyone carefully distanced, the wearing of masks etc. also brought to the fore the sadness and cares of today.

Which brings me to a more positive note, and at the risk of repeating the contents of last week’s letter, I wanted to recommend committing to the Archbishops’ call to Pray for the Nation throughout November whilst we are in lockdown. My first thought was that 6pm was a tricky time, usually in the middle of preparing a meal or eating, but we set the alarm on the phone to remind us each evening and sat down for 5-10 minutes to pray and have found it a real blessing. It feels as if we are doing something positive and it’s good to know that there are people all round the country doing the same. Having signed up for the Thy Kingdom Come material, an email arrives each afternoon with a short video clip and a suggested area to focus on for that day’s prayer.

I also said that I would provide more details about the request for Christmas extras from the foodbank. If you shop at Sainsburys and want to donate, the easiest thing is to use the collecting box in the store. I am aiming to go up to the foodbank on 30th November so please let me have anything you want to contribute before then, or let me know if you would like me to collect from you.

Grace Foodbank Christmas Wish List

  • Christmas biscuits – MEDIUM or small boxes (large tins are harder to fit into the bags.
  • SMALL Christmas cakes or packs of Christmas chocolate mini rolls, etc
  • Chocolates/sweets (medium sized boxes boxes/chocolate coins etc).
  • Pringles, cheddars or similar crisps In a cardboard tube (more robust for packing and transporting) (Aldi sell a cheap version)
  • Bottles of fizzy grape juice or similar
  • Tins of salmon
  • Tins of ham
  • Sachets of instant custard
  • SMALL boxes of crackers/biscuits for cheese
  • Boxes of mince pies –preferably without lots of brandy (last year we did get rather a lot of mince pies so if in doubt, perhaps buy something else!). Mince Pies do come with a shorter shelf life so please check before you buy!


All with a Use By date that’s after 25th December and nothing that needs refrigerating.

Please remember that these items will all be packed into bags then transported to our collection sessions. So, for example, small bags of solid milk chocolate Santas are more useful than hollow and very fragile chocolate Santas!

Just a reminder that now we are in lockdown we will return to having a recorded service on the church website at 10am throughout November. We hope to open up again in church as soon as possible but will keep you informed.

With love from Ann & James