A Message from the Wardens – 29th October 2020

Dear Friends,

First of all, thank you to everyone who contributed to the collection for David Kereto’s work through the Maasai Evangelistic Association. When added to the money that Hilary had already received earlier in the year, and with gift aid added, we are able to send £517 to David. As well as financial support, David also values our prayers. There is a fuller account attached describing the work the MEA does with young Maasai girls.

In spite of the current uncertainties and the difficulty we have in forward planning, the word HOPE seems to have been cropping up recently in the words of hymns like “In Christ Alone My Hope is Found” and “Cornerstone” which have been played in our Sunday services. I then came across the following prayer in the Barnabas Prayer Paper which brought home the huge battles that many people round the world are facing.

Bring hope, O Lord, to Thy suffering people. 
In their anguish and pain, be Thou their hope. 
Bring hope, O Lord, to thy persecuted people. 
In their despair, be Thou their hope. 
Bring hope, O Lord, to thy needy people.
In their hunger and thirst, be thou their hope. 
Bring hope, O Lord, to Thy dying people.
In the hour of their death, be Thou their hope. 
In the Name of Jesus our hope, 

Jesus is our hope, whatever is happening around us. Another snippet that encouraged me this week was the introduction to my Bible reading notes, “The Bible is very realistic about the fact that life rarely runs smoothly. We all have ups and downs, times of clarity and of confusion. Nevertheless, God’s presence is constant. Take a moment to reflect on Psalm 23 v.4.”(Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.)

Dorothy Firth has sent the following message: If you are thinking of buying Advent Calendars, please consider the Real Advent Calendar, available at CLC and some larger Tesco stores. The calendar comes with a 24 page activity book. https://www.meaningfulchocolate.co.uk

Also from Dorothy is a link to a CSW campaign she is encouraging us to support called, “Sorry China, I’m not buying it.” https://www.csw.org.uk/

Finally, something practical we can do to help our local community. Transport 17 has been selected by the Coop as one of their local causes again from October 25th 2020 until 23rd October 2021. Last time this happened they received a cheque for £4,664 so it is a significant amount, especially as they have had to cancel most of their fundraising this year. If you have a Coop card you can go to https://www.coop.co.uk/local-causes and select them as the cause you would like to support and they will receive a small amount each time you use your card.

With love from Ann & James