Rooted – Exodus (21st June 2020)


Hey everyone! Thanks for dropping in!. We are going to be doing things a bit differently over the next few weeks. We are going to set you a challenge or task based on the Bible reading that everyone in church is looking at. So get your toast and off we go!

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“No pupil is greater than his teacher; no slave is greater than his master”

Hang on a minute! Jesus is talking about slavery! Surely that wasn’t going on in the Bible? Unfortunately yes. It was common and accepted in the Roman Empire. Remember Israel was under the occupation and laws of Rome. We know that some of the early Christians were also slaves.

This week’s task is to look back into the history if the Israelites to when the whole nation were slaves in Egypt and what God did about it.

You can do this by reading about it in the beginning of Exodus or you can watch the film “Prince Of Egypt”

You can also watch this clip to see an overview and how it fits in the Bible

The main service today is looking at some words written by the apostle Paul about this same thing:

Questions to Think About

  • What does God think about Slavery?
  • What it the connection between slavery and the Black Lives Matter movement?


Pray for those who are fighting for freedom and equal rights.

Pray for those who are not free to worship God.

Thank God for sending us Jesus and setting us free.

The last bit!

Some beautiful music was written by black Christian slaves who had the most amazing faith during terrible oppression. 

This is one of my favourites from one of my favourite films, enjoy!

Don’t forget to wash up your toast plate!

Mell and Chri