Alive Gang – God’s Love for Us (14th June 2020)

Last week we heard the story about the parable of the lost sheep and coin, where Jesus talked about how much God loves us. This week we are going to continue to think about God’s love for us by looking at something the apostle Paul wrote in one of his letters about God’s love for us.

What does the Bible say?

Read the following passage taken from one of Paul’s letters to the church in Rome (Romans Chapter 5 verses 6 – 8)

Christ died for us while we were still weak. We were living against God, but at the right time, Christ died for us.
Very few people will die to save the life of someone else. Although perhaps for a good man someone might possibly die. But Christ died for us while we were still sinners. In this way God shows his great love for us.
Now watch this video clip: how does this show God’s love for us?


I wonder….

How do you feel when you are blamed for doing something someone else has done?

If someone does something bad and hurts or upsets you, would you do something for that person to make it better?

What does it mean to you, that God loves you even when you do or think bad things?

It can be difficult to do nice things for people who have been mean and horrible to us. Paul explains that even though we all do bad things and hurt God, he still loves us so much that he sent Jesus to die for us. Whatever we do and however bad we are, God loves us with an extravagant, forever, and incomparable love. God’s eternal love gave us Jesus and gives us the chance to have a relationship with him live in heaven for all eternity. No one else on earth can give us this kind of love.

Activity: God Loves Us

Activity: God Loves Us Watch the following video clip, which has some actions to one of the bible verses we read in Paul’s letter to the Romans and a magic trick.

You are going to make a photo frame to remind you how much God loves you. Find a photograph of yourself. You will need a photo, cardboard, glue and pencils / felt tips.

Start by cutting two large heart or rectangle shapes out of your cardboard, larger than your photo. Then place your photo on one of the shapes and draw around it. Cut out the photograph size shape so you are left with a frame which is which the same size as your photo.

Decorate the outside of your frame with the words ‘God loves me’ and any other decorations you would like. Perhaps you might like to include the bible verse from Romans 5: 8 or the reference, to remind you of what you have learnt about today? You can see some examples here:

Then glue your photo in the middle of the larger rectangle or heart and glue the frame around it. Put it somewhere you can see it to remind you about how much God loves you.


Find a mirror and look in it, or look at your photograph in its frame. Think about how much God loves you, whatever you have done or thought this week. Say the following prayer.
Dear God,

Thank you that you sent Jesus to die for me. Please show me how much you love me and what you love most about me this week.