Rooted – Prayer Part 5: Supplication (7th June 2020)


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Hey everyone! Welcome to our last session on prayer.

We hope you are all safe and well. How have you got on? Try and get into a routine of praying at a set time each day or during a certain activity. What about first thing in the morning, or when you are brushing your teeth. Or making toast…

Supplies Checklist:


The shopping list game!

  • I went to the shops and bought …. An average avocado
  • I went to the shops and bought …. An average avocado and a brilliant burrito
  • I went to the shops and bought …. An average avocado , a brilliant burrito and a crazy caterpillar

Over to you!

Add something on to each line starting with the next letter of the alphabet. See how far you get without forgetting anything on the list!


We have looked at Adoration, Confession and Thanksgiving. Do you remember the difference between adoration and thanksgiving? This week we are looking at Supplication. Let’s start by looking at what it means. Simply put, a prayer of supplication is asking God for something. This can be the easiest way of praying and often we slip into it without realising it. But we need to be careful that it doesn’t become a shopping list like the game. Let’s look at our bible verse
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
Here Paul’s advice is to turn our worries into prayers, if you want to worry less, pray more! Prayers of supplication are ways of asking for God’s intervention. Prayers for ill friends, for calm during exams, for a parents stress at work or peace and justice in the world. It is important to ask God for things but we have to make sure it’s the right things. When I was about 4 years old I used to ask God for a pony and I didn’t understand why God didn’t send me a pony, but I had nowhere to keep it and no way of paying for its food or care. It wouldn’t have been very fair on the pony. Besides I’d never even sat one! God knows what we need far more than we do! It’s good to finish our prayers that ask for things by surrender the situation to God and ask for his will to be done.

The last bit!

In the verse it tells us to pray with supplication and thanksgiving. This reminds us not to just ask God for things but to incorporate all the aspects of prayer that we have been discovering.

Now is the time to give it a go! In your notebook write down some words to describe God, things that you know are true about Him. Next think or write some things that you could have done better this week. Things you want to move on from of or want to try harder at. Now look at your list from last week of things to be thankful for and write a few down. Finally write down some things that are concerning you now, things going on in your life, for the people around you or something on the news.

You have just written your first A.C.T.S prayer! Read it through and pray it! You now also have a prayer journal! Use it to help you pray every day, writing down new things as they come up.

Well done!

Don’t forget to wash up your toast plate!

See you next week!
Mell and Chris