Alive Gang – The Holy Spirit and Peter Preaches (19th April 2020)

At the moment we aren’t able to gather together in church. It might feel like church is no longer there as we can’t meet as a church community. The building is empty but does that mean church is gone? Read the following statements and decide which column you would put them in:

Check your answers at the bottom of the page!

These are all the things that GOD said his Church should be. As you can see, he doesn’t mention the church buildings. The good news is we can still follow God and be part of a church community even when we can’t meet together in the church building. We can still do all of the things God asks us to do, even when our normal routines have been disrupted!

What does the Bible say?

Last week, we were celebrating Easter and Jesus’ power of life over death and the hope this brings us all.

So, what happened next

Watch the clip below:

It tells the story from the book of Acts in the Bible which tells the history of the early church.

See if you can fill in the gaps below with the words based upon the story you just watched.

Check your answers at the bottom of the page!

This was the beginning of Jesus’ church. The 3,000 people who repented and were baptised made up Jesus’ church. They came from everywhere. God wants all people to be part of His Church. His new followers began meeting to worship God and to work together to tell others about God. They remembered Jesus while having the Lord’s Supper and they prayed.



If you have any chocolate left over from Easter then find it now. Alternatively, you might have a set of crayons or something similar.

Take one of the chocolates/items. Have a look at it. It might look nice on its own, perhaps tempting to eat?

If you add another to it does it look better? How about another one after that?

God’s people are a bit like that. One Christian by him/herself is good. You can do some good things for God by yourself. But with more Christians working together you can achieve more. That’s why God wants everyone to be part of His Church.

As a church community we can do a lot together to worship God, spread his message and help other people.


This week, try to find a way that you can do God’s work. It might be praying for people who are ill or in need, donating some pocket money to help others or just talking about God to someone else.


He wakes me up; He makes me sleep.
Provides for me the food I eat.
When I cry, I call on him,
Because I know with him I win.

Even through the hardest day,
I trust in him in every way.
He's the One who sees me through,
Jesus lives, I know it's true.

With loving kindness, he smiles on me.
Because he died, I am free.
Lord, for all, I thank you so,
I know you'll never let me go!

The Answers!

What the Church is:

  • People who give money for God’s work
  • People who share with everyone
  • People who want to know more about God
  • People who try to share God’s love with others
  • People who pray for everyone
  • People who love God and others

What the Church is NOT:

  • People who only take care of their own family
  • People who are mean with money
  • People who aren’t interested in learning about God
  • People who love only themselves
  • People who keep God’s love a secret
  • People who pray for only what they need and want

1.    After Peter preaches, the people asked, “What shall we do?”

2.    Peter told the people to repent (turn from sin) and be baptised for the forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

3.    About 3,000 people were baptised.

4.    The people “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer”.